Simply Christianity Short Course

simplychristianity1These days when we think about looking into Christianity it can feel like ‘which Christianity?’. It seems there are so many “Christianities” on offer, each with their spin on things, their own rituals and practices, their own religious package and system.

At The Lakes we want to wind it all back and just get the heart of what Jesus said, taught, and did. Who is he? What does he claim? How on earth would that change our life?

At The Lakes we regularly run a short course over a number of weeks where a small group investigate further about Christianity. We look through one book of the Bible, the Gospel of Luke, to get back to Jesus himself. Along with this we consider whether or not the Bible is a credible and reliable witness to Jesus?


Anyone interested in being part of the next courses is invited. Our next Simply Christianity course starts:

Sunday 19th May, 10.30-12 noon or 5-6.30pm.

For information please just fill out the contact form to the right and Pastor Michael Plaege, who is running the next course.