Ministry Centre Update – May, 2019

Ministry Centre Update – May, 2019

We are making excellent progress on our Ministry Centre and we are still on track to be in by November! Here is an update and request for ongoing prayer.

Construction Update

Paul Edwards continues to represent The Lakes in weekly construction meetings with the builders (often accompanied by Maurice Wrightson).

If you are driving on Wyong Road past the site, there is plenty to see.  Some of our members have said…
“It’s a lovely feeling of anticipation …;”
“I love the “little glimpses “ as I drive past …praise God;”
“So exciting we check progress everyday on our way to school;”
“Wow! With walls going up it’s starting to look like an actual building!! Very exciting.”

Work completed since last report:

  • Concreting for seminar room, cafe, kitchen, Sunday School rooms
  • Concrete roof for Sunday School rooms/floor for kids’ zone
  • Outside slab walls for two storey section and lift well
  • Some in ground services from Pioneer Avenue to the Ministry Centre.

Please pray regarding the electrical sub-station we require for our site.  There have been a number of setbacks in regard to design and approval.  Pray that our electrical needs will be in place by the time we are ready to occupy the building.

We had the privilege of providing an “appreciation  barbeque” for the workers following pouring of the slab for the seminar room.  Approximately 30 workers were on site that day.  Pluim commented, “I have to say the boys loved it and it was a huge success.”  Another “appreciation  barbeque” will be held at lockup stage, mid July.

Week 1

Week 8

Week 16

 Week 7

Week 16


Finance Update

Maurice Wrightson continues to juggle the important roles of leading our Ministry Centre Project as well as being our church treasurer.  We have now paid 4 progress claims from Pluim totalling almost $1.2m.  This last payment saw us make our first draw down on our loan from Baptist Finance.  That being the case we are now in the process of setting up a Loan Offset Account with Baptist Finance which will allow us to commence discussions with anyone interested in allowing The Lakes to use their excess cash to partially offset the interest charges on the Ministry Centre Loan.  More details will follow soon.

Supplementary Projects

Greg Mason continues to oversee the Supplementary Projects: ie. Those aspects of building and fit-out that are outside of our builder’s scope.  These were projects that we believed that we could use the expertise from the church family to complete.  Additionally, we had insufficient funds to enable them to be included in Pluim’s contract.

Auditorium Ceiling Panels – John Watson is managing this particular project.  John and his team have been working hard on the design of the panels, obtaining quotes for materials and how they are going to manufacture them.  We thank God that sufficient funds are available for us to proceed with the procurement of materials and then the manufacture of the panels.  Our builders will install the panels.

The other supplementary projects and those managing each project are:

  • Auditorium stage and classroom cabinets – Adam Bradford
  • Kitchen and café fitout; auditorium seating and other furnishings – Peter Linnet
  • Audiovisual – Geoff Nott
  • Landscaping – James Lutwyche
  • Auditorium acoustic wall slats – Rod Smartt
  • Signage – Grant Cawley

We still need to raise additional funds towards these supplementary projects.  Any monies that come into the Building Fund that exceed the loan repayments will be used to fund these projects.  We will keep you informed as more detailed costing is obtained.  We are also eager for any practical help you may be able to offer.  If you can help with this please contact Greg Mason (, 4397 1746 or 0408 435 482) and he will contact you and discuss the requirements.


John Watson continues to manage our communications regarding the Ministry Centre project.  If you have any general questions or suggestions, he is the best point of contact (  He will work hard at responding in a helpful and timely manner.

Please pray

Please continue to prayer for the following:

  • for the many volunteers who are giving lots of time towards our Ministry Centre. Many of our volunteers work in demanding jobs and are feeling stretched;
  • that God sustains and strengthens our volunteers through this important project;
  • for good weather to enable consistent progress;
  • that our electrical needs will be in place by the time we are ready to occupy the building;
  • that we receive the money required to service the loan and enable the supplementary projects to proceed;
  • that we all continue to enjoy unity and that this Ministry Centre will be used for reaching our area and growing God’s people.


David Sheath
Senior Minister

Building Fund Bank Details:
Account Name: The Lakes Church Building Fund
BSB: 082 574
Account No: 129 796 425

All requests for more information or questions regarding the building of the Ministry Centre should be directed through email address;