Ministry Centre Update – June, 2019

We are making excellent progress on our Ministry Centre and we are still on track to be in by November! Here is an update and request for ongoing prayer.

Construction Update

Work completed since last report:

  • Commencement of Internal Linings to the Sunday School & Youth Zone
  • Continuation of Roofing Sunday School & Youth Zone
  • Completion of Sunday School & Youth Zone Roof
  • Internal Linings to the Sunday School & Youth Zone
  • Precast panel installation for auditorium
  • Steel framing for kitchen and café
  • Completion of erecting the precast wall panels

Some big statistics

A number of concrete pours have taken place:

  • Auditorium – 180 cubic meters, equivalent of 140 box trailer loads
  • Sunday school rooms – 196 cubic metres, equivalent of 151 box trailer loads
  • Seminar/foyer/café – 105 cubic metres, equivalent of 81 box trailer loads
  • Stairs/kids zone – 107 cubic metres, equivalent of 107 box trailer loads Precast wall panels:
  • 64 panels put in place
  • Total weight of panels is 403 tonnes or the equivalent of 310 Mini Cooper S
  • Average weight of panel is 3.9 tonnes or the equivalent of 3 Mini Cooper S
  • End to end they would reach 420 meters
  • Forget about the box trailer for transporting them!

Please pray regarding the electrical sub-station we require for our site. There have been a number of setbacks in regard to design and approval. Pray that our electrical needs will be in place by the time we are ready to occupy the building.

Week 1

Week 10

Week 20

Week 20

Finance Update

As at the end of May we have received $255,450 towards the Ministry Centre this year. Thank you for your generosity! We are exceeding our monthly targets and this allows us to start funding our Supplementary Projects (see below).

Our dear brother Paul Winterton died last week. Paul was a captivated follower of Jesus and a prayer warrior. He was also passionate about our Ministry Centre project and the opportunity it will give us for proclaiming the good news of Jesus in our region. We were delighted to receive $5,000 towards our Ministry Centre from Paul’s family as part of his legacy.


Supplementary Projects

Greg Mason continues to oversee the Supplementary Projects: i.e. Those aspects of building and fit-out that are outside of our builder’s scope. These were projects that we believed that we could use the expertise from the church family to complete. Additionally, we had insufficient funds to enable them to be included in Pluim’s contract.

Auditorium Ceiling Panels – John Watson is managing this project. We been able to allocate $20,000 towards this project with estimated savings of $100k. John and his team will shortly commence the manufacturing process, consisting of 144 individual panels to be cut and perforated with holes for acoustic purposes. Thanks to Michael and Vickie Lowbridge for making an area available for manufacturing and to Deb Collard for making available some storage space. The goal is to hand over to our builders late July for them to install.

Auditorium stage – Adam Bradford is managing this project. Adam has commenced the design of the stage area and is determining the materials to be used in the construction.

Audio visual – Geoff Not is working with our builders on the lighting, electrical and communications layout.

Kitchen and café fit out; auditorium seating and other furnishings – Peter Linnet is acquiring items. Two recent purchases have been a commercial quality two door refrigerator and double bowl stainless steel sink. All these items and others that we purchase require storage. If you have space available or can make space available, please contact Greg Mason as per details below. Maybe give some thought to leaving your vehicles outside until the end of November.

The other supplementary projects and those managing each project are:

  • Classroom cabinets – Adam Bradford
  • Landscaping – James Lutwyche
  • Auditorium acoustic wall slats – Rod Smartt
  • Signage – Grant Cawley

We still need to raise additional funds towards these supplementary projects. Any monies that come into the Building Fund that exceed the loan repayments will be used to fund these projects. We will keep you informed as more detailed costing is obtained. We are also eager for any practical help you may be able to offer. If you can help with this please contact Greg Mason (, 4397 1746 or 0408 435 482) and he will contact you and discuss the requirements.


John Watson continues to manage our communications regarding the Ministry Centre project. If you have any general questions or suggestions, he is the best point of contact ( He will work hard at responding in a helpful and timely manner.


Please pray

Please continue to prayer for the following:

Thank God:

  • Thank God for the successful and safe installation of the wall panels;
  • Thank God for the cooperation of Little Miracles that ensured minimal disruption to the installation process of the wall panels;
  • for the many volunteers who are giving lots of time towards our Ministry Centre. Many of our volunteers work in demanding jobs and are feeling stretched;

Ask God:

  • to sustain and strengthen our volunteers and staff through this important project;
  • for good weather to enable consistent progress;
  • that our electrical needs will be in place by the time we are ready to occupy the building (our most urgent need at present);
  • that we receive the money required to service the loan and enable the supplementary projects to proceed;
  • that we all continue to enjoy unity and that this Ministry Centre will be used for reaching our area and growing God’s people.

David Sheath Senior Minister


Building Fund Bank Details:

Account Name: The Lakes Church Building Fund BSB: 082 574

Account No: 129 796 425

All requests for more information or questions regarding the building of the Ministry Centre should be directed through email address;