Ministry Centre Update – July, 2019

Ministry Centre Update – July, 2019

We are making excellent progress on our Ministry Centre and we are still on track to be in by November!  Here is an update and request for ongoing prayer.

Construction Update

Work undertaken since last report:

  • Continuation of internal linings to the classrooms and upper hall
  • Plumber continuing stormwater installation for the awning
  • Commencement of roof sheeting for main hall
  • Commencement of structural work for function room roof
  • Aluminium window installation to upper hall
  • Joint sealing to precast panels
  • Significant work relating to installation of electrical cabling
  • Linings to stairwell
  • Installing door jams

We have been praying regarding the electrical sub-station requirements for our site.  Our design has now been approved and we are moving ahead. The cost for this part of the project exceeded our budget (but we had allowed for cost blowouts like this in our contingency allowances). Please continue to pray about the sub-station because we are still uncertain whether it will be fully operational when we are ready to occupy – this could limit our ability to use air-conditioning and other big energy appliances during our initial usage of the Ministry Centre.

  Week 1

Week 12

Week 24

Week 24

Finance Update

As at the end of June we have received $320,218 with lump sums making up $139,100 towards the Ministry Centre this year.  Thank you for your generosity!  We are exceeding our monthly targets and this allows us to fund the Supplementary Projects.

Due to the continued generosity of our members, we now have funding available to construct the stage in the main hall.

Supplementary Projects

Greg Mason continues to oversee the Supplementary Projects: i.e. Those aspects of building and fit-out that are outside of our builder’s scope.  These were projects that we believed that we could use the expertise from the church family to complete.  Additionally, we had insufficient funds to enable them to be included in Pluim’s contract.

Main Hall Ceiling Panels – John Watson is managing this project.  The panels are for acoustic purposes and visual effect. The panels will be installed by Pluim and manufactured by The Lakes volunteers.  Work commenced constructing the panels four weeks ago and completion date is expected to be next week.  Made out of 12.5mm high quality plywood, 144 panels will be suspended from the roof in the Main Hall.  In order to achieve the required acoustic functionality, 94 of the panels are perforated with 10mm holes and “sound bats” will be laid on top of the panels.  In excess of 700,000 holes will need to be drilled. Due to the manufacturing process this involves 2,800,000 “drills.”  The face of the panels is painted with clear polyurethane flooring paint.  The dedicated team is working diligently to complete the manufacture of the panels.

Main Hall stage – Adam Bradford is managing this project.  The detailed designs are nearing completion for the stage and have been sent to the builder for review.  The design utilises timber supports for acoustic properties (rather than the steel supporting system throughout the rest of the building).  The stage timber supports are also unevenly spaced for better acoustic performance.  Some of the stage support frames will be constructed offsite.

Audio visual – Geoff Nott is working with our builders.  Geoff has installed audio visual cables to various locations in the building including the classrooms and Upper Hall.

Kitchen and café fit-out; Main Hall seating and other furnishings – For the kitchen we have purchased some additional 2nd hand items from graysonline:-
Hobart Combi Oven
Hobart Pass Through Dishwasher
Washtech Underbench Glasswasher
Goldstar Griddle
Pie Warmer
Various Stainless Steel Benches and Trolleys

Some of the items will be checked and serviced by catering equipment specialist in Newcastle to ensure reliability.

We have picked up two large Exhaust Hoods free from a Newcastle restaurant and hope to modify them to suit our requirements.

We are sourcing 400 chairs direct from China at a very good price.  Fabric, colour and style are yet to be determined.

Classroom cabinets – John Watson is managing this project and has submitted plans that will utilise cupboards that have been donated.  Finalisation of these plans is expected shortly.

The other supplementary projects and those managing each project are:

  • Landscaping – James Lutwyche
  • Main Hall acoustic wall slats – Rod Smart
  • Signage – Grant Cawley

We are still eager for any practical help you may be able to offer.  If you can help with this please contact Greg Mason (, 4397 1746 or 0408 435 482) to discuss how you might play a part.

Walk through

What a great opportunity to view first hand the progress of our Ministry Centre.  Over 60 of the church family were able to walk through the site and get a feel for the spaces, scale and quality of building.  We really appreciate our builders and their cooperation in this. For those who were not able to be there we will show a video in church on 11th August.

Photos from the walk through.

Upper Hall and Rooms 1-4

Upper Hall


John Watson continues to manage our communications regarding the Ministry Centre project.  If you have any general questions or suggestions, he is the best point of contact (  He will work hard at responding in a helpful and timely manner.

Please pray

Please continue to prayer for the following:

Thank God:

  • for the many volunteers who are giving lots of time towards our Ministry Centre. Many of our volunteers work in demanding jobs and are feeling stretched;
  • for suitable weather that has enabled consistent progress for building of the Ministry Centre and that has not caused delay to the manufacturing of the ceiling panels;
  • that our electrical needs will be in place by the time we are ready to occupy the building;
  • the continued safety of all workers;
  • that we continue to receive the money we need to service the loan and enable the supplementary projects to proceed.

Ask God:

  • to sustain and strengthen our volunteers and staff through this important project;
  • for good weather to enable consistent progress;
  • that we all continue to enjoy unity and that this Ministry Centre will be used for reaching our area and growing God’s people;
  • continue to provide the money and resources needed;
  • enable the substation to be build in time for us to occupy;
  • help ministry leaders to plan well for the transition into the Ministry Centre;
  • fill us all with energy and conviction to make the most of the new opportunities created by the opening of the Ministry Centre;
  • work through us, especially over the months following the opening of the Ministry Centre, to bring many people to repentance, faith, and a lifetime of joyfully serving Jesus.


Your brother,

David Sheath
Senior Minister

Building Fund Bank Details:
Account Name: The Lakes Church Building Fund
BSB: 082 574
Account No: 129 796 425

All requests for more information or questions regarding the building of the Ministry Centre should be directed through email address;