Ministry Centre Update – April, 2019

I hope you have been taking the opportunity to peek at the progress of our Ministry Centre as you have driven along Wyong Road in recent weeks.  The building site is a hive of activity.  Here is an update of what is happening.

Construction Update

We are blessed to have Paul Edwards representing The Lakes in weekly construction meetings with our builders.  The builders are close to a third of the way towards completion.  A significant amount of in ground services have been completed.  This has allowed for the pouring of the slab for the auditorium and Sunday School rooms.  We expect that by late May we will see the walls being erected!  As with all construction projects, there are potential issues that could hinder our progress and we really appreciate your prayers for God to enable us to continue on schedule.

Some big statistics:

  • Sandstone imported 2500 tonnes, approximately 3,300 box trailers loads;
  • road base 450 tonnes, approximately 600 box trailer loads;
  • concrete pour for auditorium 190 cubic meters, approximately 150 box trailer loads;
  • 630 large polystyrene blocks – these form the “waffle” for the concrete base;
  • 20 tonnes steel reinforcement;
  • No soil has been or will be removed from site. It will be used to create “mounds” for landscaping.

Week 1                                                             Week 7

Week 11                                                           Week 12

Finance Update

Maurice Wrightson continues to juggle the important roles of leading our Ministry Centre Project as well as being our church treasurer.  We have received the 3rd progress claim from our builders.  Once this claim is paid, we will have contributed just over $0.75 million to the project.  Maurice anticipates that we will need to start drawing down on our loan after May.

As at the end of March, year to date giving towards the Ministry Centre is $139,570.  This is made up of lump sum $43,500 and monthly pledges of $96,070.

As at the end of April, year to date giving towards the Ministry Centre is $220,735.30.  This is made up of lump sum $95,600 and monthly pledges of $ 125,135.00.

We continue to give thanks to God for the generosity of his people.  It is a great encouragement to see the pledges being honoured and the unity of spirit amongst our members.  For those members who are yet to contribute to the Building Fund, details are below or place a suitably marked contribution envelope in the offering bags on a Sunday.   For any financial questions you can contact Maurice (

Auxiliary Projects

Greg Mason is managing our auxiliary projects.  Greg is busy gathering teams of willing volunteers from our church and appointing project managers.

We have been blessed in receiving 26 good quality cabinets and book cases suitable for the Kids’ Zone and class rooms by way of donation.  This required urgent action and several of our people responded by making trips to Sydney to collect the cabinets, another member responded by offering her garage as a storage space until the cabinets can be installed onsite.  It is wonderful to see our people rallying together to make the most of these opportunities.

We hope to start manufacturing acoustic panels from June (once the acoustic design is complete and finances are confirmed).  Pete Linnet is on the lookout for quality kitchen appliances and other furnishings.  We are looking for space where we could store various items as we acquire them.  Suitable storage areas would be car garages, sheds or industrial units.  They would need to be secure and readily accessible.  Although we do not have an immediate requirement, we want to be able to act quickly as opportunities arise.  It is likely the storage would be required until mid November.

We still need to raise additional funds towards our auxiliary projects and we are also eager for any practical help you may be able to offer.  If you can help with this please contact Greg Mason (, 4397 1746 or 0408 435 482) and he will contact you and discuss the requirements.



John Watson is managing our communications regarding the Ministry Centre project.  If you have any general questions or suggestions, he is the best point of contact (  He will work hard at responding in a helpful and timely manner.

I am very aware of the time pressures on many people involved in this project, especially Paul, Maurice, and Greg.  Please pray for them in their busy and complex roles.  Pray that God equips them with godly, wise and decisive leadership.  Pray that God sustains and strengthens them through this important project.  Pray for good weather to enable consistent progress.  Pray that we all continue to enjoy unity and that this Ministry Centre will be used for reaching our area and growing God’s people.

Your brother,

David Sheath
Senior Minister

Building Fund Bank Details:
Account Name: The Lakes Church Building Fund
BSB: 082 574
Account No: 129 796 425

All requests for more information or questions regarding the building of the Ministry Centre should be directed through email address;