Ministry Centre Update – August, 2019

I hope you are taking the opportunity to have a look as you drive past the Ministry Centre. It is so encouraging to see the Ministry Centre taking shape day by day. Here is an update for your information and prayers:

The main construction continues

We are making excellent progress on our Ministry Centre and we still look like we are on track to be using it by the end of November!

Work completed since last report:

  • Erection of bulkheads in the Main Hall, Function Room and meeting rooms
  • Installation of various outside doors and windows
  • Plumber and electrician “roughed” in services to café and kitchen
  • Electrical mounting of sub boards and pull through cabling
  • Painting to various areas including painting of Main Hall ceiling
  • Tiling in wet areas

The footprint of the Ministry Centre is now complete with the erection of the undercover section.

Paul Edwards and Maurice Wrightson are extremely busy: phone calls with our builders a number of times a day; weekly onsite meetings; and liaising with ministry leaders and project leaders from The Lakes.  So many decisions to be made on a daily basis.

During September as you drive past you will see the concrete slab under the awnings completed and the site levelled and ‘seeded’.  Inside the buildings the room fit-out will continue with walls, ceilings, services etc.

When the Ministry Centre is complete there will still be a delay before our electrical sub-station is commissioned.  This will not hinder our usage of the Ministry Centre, but it will limit our access to big appliances and we will be more reliant on fans than air-conditioning until the substation is fully operational.

Week 1

Week 28

Week 28

We had the privilege of providing another “appreciation barbeque” for the workers.  Approximately 30 workers were on site that day.

Amazing generosity!

As at the end of July we have received $597,163.  This includes an amazing one-off gift of $250,000!  What a blessing to be part of a community with such generosity!  This has allowed us to move ahead with our Supplementary Projects and we have been making great progress with purchasing furnishings and equipment for fit-out as well.

Can you help with an interest free loan?

We have now set up our Loan Offset Account with Baptist Finance.  That means we are now in a position to talk with anyone interested in making an interest free loan to The Lakes.  We are particularly seeking loan amounts of over $10,000.  These loans effectively generate income by reducing our loan interest costs.  If you are able to help out in this way contact Maurice (

Our supplementary projects continue to become reality:

Main Hall Ceiling Panels – John Watson has managed a fantastic team of workers in completing the ceiling panel construction.   The dedicated team worked diligently, giving over 1,100 work hours.  The panels have been delivered to site and our builders will install them.  Our thanks to all those who have made this huge project such a success with such a spirit of teamwork.

Built-in cupboards and benches – At this stage it is likely that we will get our builders to fit-out built-in cupboards and benches for the Function Room and Room 1.  These two rooms have wet areas and there is a significant benefit in fitting them in place before laying the flooring.  Cabinetry for the other rooms will be completed after we have moved in.  Some of the men who have just finished the ceiling panels have now turned their attention to cabinetry.

Main Hall stage – Adam Bradford and his team have come up with a design which has been sent off for certification and are now planning to commence construction.  They will be gaining access to the site from September.

Kitchen and café fit-out; Main Hall seating and other furnishings – Pete Linnet and his team have been sourcing a range of new and second hand furnishings and appliances.  They have been taking advantage of auctions to source kitchen appliances and furnishings for the class-rooms.  They are finding some great items at bargain prices and transporting many trailer-loads from Sydney to Tuggerah!

Audio visual – Geoff Nott has spent many hours onsite with our builders helping install audio visual cables and other requirements throughout the Ministry Centre.  He and his team are really enhancing the functionality of every space.

Signage – Grant Cawley is working with Marnie Hanlon and Kirsten Pratt to scope out and design our signage requirements.

Main Hall acoustic wall slats.  This project has been placed on hold until after we have moved in.

Landscaping – James Lutwyche is hoping for good labourers when it comes time for landscaping.  We cannot start this until the building is almost complete, but we expect the builders will level the site and seed it with grass in the next couple of weeks to take advantage of spring growth.

We are still eager for any practical help you may be able to offer.  If you can help with this please contact Greg Mason (, 4397 1746 or 0408 435 482) to discuss how you might play a part.

Buy your Dad a chair for Father’s Day

To help purchase chairs for our Main Hall we have started a “buy a chair for Dad” campaign in the lead up to Father’s Day.  So far we have sold 64 chairs @ $40 a chair.  We are hoping to sell more by Sunday.  How encouraging for Dad to get this message on Father’s Day…

Hey Dad… For Father’s Day I bought a chair on your behalf for The Lakes Ministry Centre to enable loads of people on the Central Coast to hear about Jesus.

Walk through!

Earlier this month over 60 people took the opportunity to walk-through the building site and see the progress.  Ruth Sheath and Matt Rowson put together a video highlighting the opportunities to serve as we transition into the Ministry Centre and beyond.  Here is the video in case you missed it.  Since then we have had dozens of great conversations with members who are keen to think through how best they can serve.  If  you are keen to have someone get in contact with you at another time, please click this link to let us know.

Transition and occupancy

John Watson is helping me plan the transition from Berkeley Vale High School to our Ministry Centre.  We have started consulting with key ministry leaders to consider the implications of the move for all ministries and ensure we make as smooth a transition as possible.  We are also in discussions with Little Miracles about using their facilities and cooperating more closely with them in the years to come.  We want our Ministry Centre to be used effectively to enable ministries to flourish; a vibrant hub of activity in fulfilling our church mission.  Together we are working on gathering teams of volunteers to be responsible for the operational aspects of the Ministry Centre.  If you have any general questions or suggestions, John is the best point of contact (  He will work hard at responding in a helpful and timely manner.

Give thanks and pray

  • Give thanks for so many hardworking volunteers from The Lakes who are working sacrificially. Pray that God would strengthen, encourage and sustain them in the months ahead.
  • Give thanks for such amazing generosity from God’s people. Pray that we will use what God has given us wisely for his purposes.  Pray that we will continue to meet our monthly loan obligations.
  • Give thanks for the opportunity to occupy our building soon. Pray that we will be able to occupy during November.  Pray for the preparations, negotiations and decisions that will be made as we transition.  Pray that God would continue to raise up willing servants amongst our church family.  Pray that our electrical requirements and substation will be completed without further delay.  Pray that the site can be levelled and that grass cover will establish ready for summer.
  • Pray for the upcoming events:
    • November: God willing our first Sunday in the Ministry Centre
    • December: Our first wedding; carols; Christmas Dinner; Christmas services
    • January: Good News Week
    • March: Official opening – coinciding with our 18th birthday!

Your brother,

David Sheath
Senior Minister

Building Fund Bank Details:
Account Name: The Lakes Church Building Fund
BSB: 082 574
Account No: 129 796 425

All requests for more information or questions regarding the building of the Ministry Centre should be directed through email address;