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We’re Moving

From the 17th of November we are moving to our new Ministry Centre site, 6 Pioneer Avenue, Tuggerah. To find out what you need to know, click here…

Can you help raise the next generation?

Ministry Training apprenticeships have been an integral part of The Lakes ministry culture since we began 18 years ago. Trainees have been equipped for a life time of ministry and we’ve greatly benefitted from their ministry amongst us –  a double investment. As we grow we anticipate this investment to be increasingly strategic. In 2020…


Join the next course or invite a friend. Over 5 weeks, discover what it means to have relationship with God through Jesus and have your questions answered. At The Lakes we want to wind it all back and just get the heart of what Jesus said, taught, and did. Who is he? What does he claim? How on earth would that change our life?