Zechariah – The Start of Something Big

Zechariah_WEB_WIDGETThe people in Zechariah’s day felt like there was a big gap between what God had promised and the difficult time they were having. In the end, they put the tools down on the project of returning and rebuilding the temple. God mercifully comes to them and speaks saying that he is with them and what they are doing with rebuilding is the start of something big. The messages of Zechariah will be a huge encouragement for us as Christians who have seen the great work Jesus has done for us, but still wait for his return and the new creation to emerge.

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Talk 9 – Zechariah 12-14

“The end of the world is near”.  It’s the sort of statement that provokes either fear or cynicism. What do we know about the end of the world? And what are the implications for life now? Those are the questions we are wrestling with as we come to these last chapters of Zechariah.


Talk 8 – Zechariah 10-11

The world cries out for good shepherds. Where do we find leaders that are not corrupt. Even our best leaders fall short of what the world needs.


Talk 7 – Zechariah 9

God promises us that “we are more than conquerors” through Jesus. But sometimes it does not feel like it. Zechariah 9 is a great help in understanding this tension. We see the king who is victorious through near defeat – Jesus. And we recognise that this is the pattern for us: we look like the underdogs yet God uses us for his mighty purposes.


Talk 6 – Zechariah 7-8

Everyone is chasing after a better world. We naturally want the good life. God is ready to give His people the good life, but first He asks, do you really want me, or just what I can give? This passage from Zechariah gives us an opportunity to evaluate our motives.


Talk 5 – Zechariah 5-6

This passage goes to the heart of why some people in our society finds Christianity so offensive: there is a God who made us, and who will one day judge our world. But the message of Christianity is far more than a message of judgment. It speaks of hope beyond judgment.


Talk 4 – Zechariah 4

Discouragement can easily occur for Christians. Sometimes we let people down, let ourselves down, are let down by others. God has a word of encouragement for us that speaks to us when things look glass-half-empty?


Talk 3 – Zechariah 3

How do you deal with real guilt?


Talk 2 – Zechariah 1:7 – 2:13

These next visions show the seemingly insignificant is what God powerfully works through.


Talk 1 – Zechariah 1:1-6

God challenges his people about their priorities. What we say is of most importance needs to match with what we do that bears that out.