Mission & Vision


Our great desire is this:

We want Jesus’ love and God’s Word to so fill us and overflow from us that everyone in our region has compelling reason to follow Jesus.


The Lakes Mission

We seek to engage personally with everyone in our community to help them start following Jesus, connect with his people, grow in knowing Jesus and serve in love.


There are three things we believe that really shape our hopes and dreams as a church:

We believe that God’s glory is the ultimate goal of our lives, our church and our world. Everything we do needs to be placed under this great goal!

We believe that God’s word is the powerful means that God uses to accomplish his purposes. God’s Spirit takes his word and brings new birth, growth and perseverance. As a result, we want God’s word to be at the heart of everything we do as a church.

We believe God is in control of all things. As a result, all our goals and desires ought to be brought to God in prayer with humility, striving for God’s will to be done, not ours. We will only reach our goals through God’s generosity and power.

Click here to see a statement of beliefs.


Administrative Committee

Primarily, the Lakes Evangelical Church is a group of people who are keen to serve each other as they seek to follow Jesus through the ups and downs of daily life. However, we are also a legal entity, registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading as an incorporated association. As such, we are governed by a Constitution that describes how we operate from a legal perspective.

An Administration Committee has been appointed by members (partners) of the Lakes Evangelical Church Incorporated and is responsible to manage the administrative and business functions of our church. According to s22 of the Constitution, the committee has specific responsibility under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW), and is:

  1. Authorised and has responsibility to determine and administer the financial affairs of the association, including the setting of an annual budget, and
  2. Authorised and has responsibility to manage the property of the association, and
  3. Authorised and has responsibility to perform all such acts and do all such things not elsewhere regulated by these rules as appear to the administration committee to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the association.

Members are appointed annually at the AGM for a two year term. Current members of the Administration Committee are:

  • David Sheath (Senior Pastor and Chair)
  • Lois Asher (member)
  • Greg Mason (member)
  • Michael Lowbridge (secretary)
  • Maurice Wrightson (treasurer)

The Committee can be reached by emailing the Secretary on secretary@thelakes.net.au.

Please find our constitution here – Lakes Constitution_Amended Nov 13