Titus – Living Out Loud

Titus_Website_WidgetGod hasn’t just redeemed us from sin and judgement, but redeemed us to be a special people eager to do good works (Titus 2:14). The more we understand the gospel (what Titus calls “sound teaching”). The more godliness is manifested in our lives. The power to live differently comes from dwelling on God’s word. A Christian lives their life out loud, a Christian in the midst of society, the family, the church means that other people experience good works.



Talk 3 – Titus 3

Christians are called to a life of good works. But, why? That answer comes from what Titus labels a “trustworthy saying”. We must decide whether the saying is trustworthy or not.


Talk 2 – Titus 2

We are always on stage. Everything we do says something and others are watching learning what it is we value, think is good, and believe. For the person who identifies as a Christian publicly, every action they do either attracts or repels people from the gospel.


Talk 1 – Titus 1

How should the Gospel of Jesus we believe impact our life? What does it look like to live as a Christian at church, at home and in the world? Titus 1 begins with the church and how important leaders are to shaping God’s church in accordance with his truth.