Roadblocks to Belief

We think Christianity has a lot to offer but recognise not everyone agrees. Recent research on Australians shows where people are at with faith and belief.

45% of Aussies identify as Christians. A decade ago that was 65%. Only 7% of those are active at church. Currently 32% of Aussies don’t identify with any religion. 100 years ago, that number was virtually zero. That percentage has been growing exponentially!

Commissioned research conducted by McCrindle Research has identified the major roadblocks to people engaging with Christianity. It also shows that those who are open to changing their views and beliefs have certain belief blockers.

This summer we engage these roadblocks. They are common objections to that faith and we believe the Bible and the life of Jesus provides plausible answer to these big questions.

Talk 8 – Christian Celebrities a Turn-Off



Talk 7 – Church Abuse


Talk 6 – Hypocrisy


Talk 5 – Christianity Is Outdated


Talk 4 – Religious Wars


Talk 3 – The Supernatural


Talk 2 – Hell & Judgement


Talk 1 – Reality of Suffering