Numbers: Mid-Life Crisis

NUMBERS_SERIES_Web_WidgetThe book of Numbers spends time with the Israelites as they struggle between being redeemed from Egypt yet waiting to enter the Promised Land. This is a difficult time, no matter what their age it caused a mid-life crisis. God uses this time to test their faith and drive them to complete reliance on Him. However, it is a time of great temptation where some give up and disbelieve resulting in many not entering the Promised Land.

There is much to learn from Numbers about our present struggle between being redeemed by Jesus and not yet with him in heaven. We trust you find God speaks to you and spurs you on through this series for as Paul said about the book of Numbers in 1 Corinthians 10:11 “These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the culmination of the ages has come”.

Talk 9 – Live the dream! [Numbers 32]

Do you want to live a life of clarity, purpose and passion? Do you want to be captivated by God’s plans for your life? Then you are in the right place! In Numbers we see that God’s people are tempted to pull back, and we see their recommitment to pressing forward and taking hold of the good things God had promised them.


Talk 8 – Live the dream! [Numbers 27]

We’ve seen in Numbers so far that God’s people were prone to forget and to turn away from God’s plans for them. But God was committed to them and to keeping his promises! Time has only made that truth more obvious. I pray that you will be challenged and encouraged today to live like God’s promise in Christ is the most important thing in life to you.


Talk 7 – Jealousy, is it ever right? [Numbers 25]

Jealousy. Shakespeare called it the green-eyed monster, so often poisonous and uncontrollable. And yet, God is a jealous God. How should we think about God and his jealousy? When is jealousy right for us?


Talk 6 – God vs. magic and the power of darkness [Numbers 22-24]

Our world ignores God and yet finds fascination in magic and the powers of darkness. What should we think about such powers? This part of the book of Numbers we encounter two powerful men: Balak and Balaam; an evil king and a sorcerer. Yet, this part of God’s word fills us with confidence to trust him in the face of every opposition.


Talk 5 – God’s View [Numbers 20-21]

God in his kindness speaks to us to show us reality. What He shows us is nothing short of a worldview change. As Christians we are given a beautiful view of the way things really are when we are united to Christ. Today Numbers 20-21 is a part of the Bible God uses to enable us to slow-down and enjoy the wonderful view.


Talk 4 – The Stupidity and Cost of Unbelief [Numbers 13-14]

The Israelites are so close, but they blow it. It all comes down to faith, yet they run in the other direction. This passage really helps us understand the requirement of faith in our lives and the difference between an intelligent faith versus a blind faith.


Talk 3 – Why is Grumbling Such a Big Issue? [Numbers 11]

Grumbling… it is so common, but it is far more dangerous than we imagine. This passage tells us how grumbling was one of the big reasons why the children of Israel were disqualified from entering the Promised Land. We are meant to take the warning and stop grumbling.


Talk 2 – The Holiness of God [Numbers 5]

Here is a passage that to our modern ears appears misogynistic and sexist – not to mention ritualistic; something we Australians avoid like the plague. However, when read closely, we see that God is not a misogynistic-God, but is actually the first champion of women’s rights because he is a God that is just and holy. This ‘hard’ text from Numbers shows that God is both someone who brings justice and sees all sins, including the hidden, yet finds a way to be gracious and merciful.


Talk 1 – God is Dangerous [Numbers 1 -4]

We so easily forget that God is dangerous. However, in God’s love and mercy towards us he shows how he himself protects us from this danger. This section of Numbers challenges us to make decisions that reflect we recognise this and are keen to have others see that in our lives we keep God central.