Matthew – A Light In The Darkness


Light in the darkness. Our world is full of sickness, ignorance, sin and death. Jesus enters our world shining the light of God’s love, hope, peace, forgiveness and salvation. Jesus is a light that is first seen on the streets of Israel, but extends to blanket the globe.




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Talk 27 – Matthew 14:13-36

We love ‘who am I’s’. With enough clues we get the identity. What clues does Jesus give about who he is?


Talk 26 – Matthew 14:1-12

Here we are confronted by a godless Herod. How do we wrestle with the question of how to engage with our world without embracing its immorality.


Talk 25 – Matthew 13:43-50

Jesus tells some simple stories with life-changing implications.


Talk 24 – Matthew 13:24-43


Talk 23 – Matthew 13:1-23


Talk 22 – Matthew 12:22-50

Conflict can be distressing – but it can also reveal deep truths and lead to constructive change. Today we listen in to an intense debate between Jesus and his most hostile opponents. Many ‘home-truths’ are exchanged – and we will be asked to take sides. Will you stand with Jesus or against him?


Talk 21 – Matthew 11:38 – 12:14

If we grasp this truth Jesus says about Himself we approach life differently. We can live in the midst of incompletion knowing Jesus has completed it all. Your rest can start now!


Talk 20 – Matthew 11

Where true greatness can be found.


Talk 19 – Matthew 10:16-43

Following Jesus, expect resistance, but what to do about it.


Talk 18 – Matthew 9:35 – 10:16

Jesus is mentioned as having deep compassion. What evokes this and what does he do next?


Talk 17 – Matthew 9:18-34

Do you need a resurrection? Do you want a resurrection? Do you believe that Jesus is able to give you resurrection? God has promised it.


Talk 16 – Matthew 9:1-17

Jesus offers what we all need; what we must have to ever hope for healing.


Talk 15 – Matthew 8:18-34

Where do you turn to when you are scared? This passage shows Jesus’ complete power over evil.


Jesus challenges each of us about whether we will put our faith in him. Who is worthy of your faith?


Talk 13 – Matthew 7:13-29

We make decisions everyday. Very often they are important decisions. Jesus confronts us with the most important decision.


Talk 12 – Matthew 7:1-12

The challenge of Jesus’ words continues as we explore what he means by ‘Do not judge’. We all know how bad it is to feel judged by someone and many outside the church would say Christians are judgemental and hypocritical. Is this true and what is the solution?


Talk 11 – Matthew 6:19-34

Receive investment advice from the most qualified person in history. Jesus teaches us in the second half of Matthew chapter 6 that the things of this earth aren’t made to last, and that we should focus on storing our treasure in heaven. Jesus explains the difference between these two types of treasures and the results of our priorities. Rather than focus on the things of this earth we are challenged not to worry about what we have, but rather be encouraged from the Bible regarding God’s provision.


Talk 10 – Matthew 6:1-18

Our world is full of sickness, ignorance, sin and death. Jesus enters our world shining the light of God’s love, hope, peace, forgiveness and salvation. In Jesus’ famous “sermon on the mount” and we are challenged to embrace true Christian living rather than hypocrisy.


Talk 9 – Matthew 5:31-48

These words Jesus gave on the Sermon on the Mount would have been very challenging words to their original audience and no less to us! How we respond is an indication of whether we have understood God’s purpose in his Law as well as our willingness to seek Jesus for forgiveness.


Talk 8 – Matthew 5:17-30

Now that Jesus has come, Jesus explains how now we should live and how we can actually live this way.


Talk 7 – Matthew 5:13-16

What does being salt and light mean? How do we do that today?


Talk 6 – Matthew 5:1-12

Jesus’ most famous speech is the Sermon on the Mount. Anyone from anywhere could probably quote something from the Sermon. Yet it is so easily misunderstood. We must look careful at what Jesus is saying about who is blessed and why? How does one belong to this group who are blessed?


Talk 5- Matthew 4:12-25

Almost 2000 years ago, Jesus’ public ministry was described a Great Light shining into a dark land. What was so great about it? And what difference does it make to us and our dark world today?


Talk 4- Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus is the light of God shining in a dark world. Before Jesus even commences his ministry he is led into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. How do we face temptation and follow Jesus more eagerly?


Talk 3- Matthew 3

How do you get ready for the coming of God?  That is the big question Israel had to answer when John the Baptist started his ministry. But it is a question every bit as urgent for us to answer as it was for the people of the first century.


Talk 2- Matthew 2

It’s an election year, both in Australia and America. There’s plenty of talk of who is worthy to lead? Who will have the power to make a difference to people’s lives? Who’s out there that even desires to change things up? Domestically, internationally, there is abuse, danger, oppression, injustice, and we want a leader who will cause change.


Matthew 2 displays why we have an election cycle, leadership spills, a contest to secure power bases, and provides God’s answer to this vicious cycle of inevitable corruption, oppression and abuse.


Talk 1 – Matthew 1

Before we meet Jesus himself we are introduced to him via his family tree. Matthew 1 is one of those passages that does not feel exciting or relevant on first reading. Yet, this family tree profoundly impacts and can change with who we identify with.