Mark’s Gospel: God Up Close

PRINT_Mark_Series_Full_PrintingImage We’ve recently studied the OT book of Leviticus which answered the question of how can a holy God dwell with sinful people. The answer was that God was gracious and dealt with people’s sin through the whole sacrificial and priesthood system. However, through all that there was still ultimately a barrier between God and man. God still kept his distance. Mark’s Gospel shows that God comes close in Jesus Christ. You’re invited to look closer at the story of Jesus and how by trusting in him all barriers between us and God are removed.

Talk 1 – How to get ready for God’s arrival? [Mark 1.1-15]

You know that feeling when your house is in disarray and maybe you, your spouse, and all the kids are yelling at one another and then you hear a knock on the door. You suddenly feel exposed for who you really are. The facade is lifted. How do we get ready for that day when God arrives? The opening of Mark’s Gospel shows us how be ready.


Talk 2 – Death & disease is still all around us, is there any hope for today? [Mark 1.16 – 2.12]

We read the story of Jesus in Mark and we see Jesus combat death, disease, and demons. Today we still have lots of hurt, broken, and dying people all around us. So is there any hope like Jesus gave in the 1st century for people today?


Talk 3 – Religion Is The Problem. [Mark 2.13 – 3.6]

Jesus makes clear that it is not just the people who don’t do follow God’s law who are rejecting God, but people who do God’s law and present it to him as their righteousness, they too are rejecting God. Mark 2 makes clear that there is only one attitude to have if we want to have access to God’s forgivness of sins.


Talk 4 – Belonging To The Kingdom [Mark 3.7 – 3.35]

At the beginning of His ministry Jesus performs many miracles and provides some controversial speeches. How do people respond to Jesus?


Talk 5 – The Riddle of the Kingdom of God [Mark 4.1 – 35]

Jesus provides a riddle to his listeners, concerning the Kingdom and character of His ministry. Are you listening with open ears?


Talk 6 – Does God Care We’re Perishing? [Mark 4.35