Jesus Is _____. Everyone’s Got An Opinion.

LATEST TALK: Faith Alone is Assurance of Salvation. 8th Oct, 2017

Jesus_Is_Teaser“Jesus is ___.” is an unfinished sentence. How would you fill in the blank? Everyone has an opinion and over summer at The Lakes we are listening to people’s opinions and interacting with the opinion Jesus had about himself.




CURRENT SERIES: Jesus Is_____.


Talk – Jesus Is HARD TO BELIEVE!

What do Aussies believe? What do they believe about Jesus? Why do they find it hard to believe Jesus?


Talk – Jesus Is TOO EXTREME!

Over the past decade we’ve seen terrible outcomes from religious extremism. Acts of terrorism creating fear. Religious zealots seemingly brainwashed into irrational and dangerous beliefs and behaviours. Where does Jesus fir into all this? Many would call him extreme: a radical. What about Jesus’ followers? If they take the teachings of Jesus seriously, what sort of beliefs and behaviours will follow?



Many people accuse Christians of being gullible and foolish, just like the Emperor With No Clothes was eventually exposed.



Something big, something obvious, something awkward…everybody knows it there but why are we reluctant to talk about it?



How do you get the power for lasting change? When we look close we know everything about this world, including ourselves is old and deteriorating. We crave a new world, and wouldn’t it be great to have a life and body that perfectly syncs with a new creation. The Bible says Jesus is the beginning of that new creation and that we can be included too.



A long time ago, in a remote village, a little baby boy was born. This was no ordinary birth, it was miraculous, and was born of a virgin, and prophesied long long before. What is the name of this baby boy?



Someone saying “Jesus Is Unscientific” probably is looking for reliable evidence for the big things said of Jesus: Virgin Birth, miracles, and spectacularly the resurrection. Many historians—not identifying as Christians—are a bit baffled. When using their ordinary techniques to verify history, the evidence that Jesus rose from the dead moves from mere possibility, to plausible, and highly probable.


Talk – Jesus Is A BIG RISK!

Maybe you would think the response to the statement above is to persuade another that Jesus isn’t a big risk. However, Jesus himself says for sure following him is a big risk. In fact, he wants people to get that the stakes are high. We are urged to take stock, count the cost, figure out what is at stake, and make a decision as to whether the risk is worth it.


Talk – Jesus Is Intolerant

Today ‘tolerance’ is seen to be of the utmost importance. Our society sees that for people to get along they must be tolerant, no one can say another person is wrong. To do so would be intolerant. Yet, you read some of the interactions Jesus had with people and he appears to be extremely intolerant. Somehow Jesus says that his intolerance is simultaneously his utmost love for people.


Talk – Jesus Is NO Racist

This has been an extraordinary and tragic week. Our nation has been deeply impacted by the siege in Sydney and the arrival of terrorism in our own backyard. Amidst the fear and grief, how should we respond? That is our focus this morning. What is Jesus’ attitude to religious extremism and racism? And what should be our attitude?


Talk – Jesus Is Taking Way Too Long!

In a messy world we wonder why God allows the sun to rise on the next year 2015. Suffering, pain, brokenness—what is the point of yet another year? Why has Jesus not yet come back? Does He not care? Is He indifferent? Why is He taking way so long? God’s Word tells us exactly why 2015 is on the calendar and how to make the most of this New Year!


Talk – Jesus Is Your Lord.

We have been interacting with the opinions of our community towards Jesus. Today the topic: Jesus is Your Lord. On what basis can we say that? Is that true, even if someone doesn’t believe in Jesus?


Talk – Jesus Is THE Truth.

Jesus made the big statement, “I am the truth”. Ever since that moment many have quizzed what is truth? What was Jesus saying when he said this before Pilate at his trial? Are those words considered to be truth even for today?


Talk 6 – Jesus Is Worthy.

In so many spheres of life we ask who is worthy? Political leaders…are they worthy of the position. Even our superhero movies ask the question, who is worthy to wield Thor’s hammer. When people say Jesus is worthy, what is he worthy of? And why is he worthy?


Talks – Jesus Is Too Picky?

Jesus is – too picky. Do you feel you’re not good enough for Jesus?  Or perhaps you feel others aren’t good enough. Is Jesus too picky?