Ideas That Changed The World

This October 31st marks the 500th year since the Reformation in 1517. This marks a turning point in Christian history where people were reminded of the grace of the gospel. That is, our entire salvation is a work of the Lord and from the Lord as a gift to us.  There are five key truths that were (re)discovered and taught by the Reformers. They are Ideas That Changed the World

Faith alone looks to God for salvation, so not within ourselves. Recognising this means salvation is by grace alone and in Christ alone. This is taught explicitly in the Bible, scripture alone, and give all the glory to God alone.

Over the next few weeks we will explore each of these wonderful truths of the beauty of the gospel.






Talk 1 – Faith Alone (Romans 3)

Understanding faith alone means one has assurance of their salvation. Faith alone is ‘assurance’ by another name.


Talk 2 – Grace Alone

What is grace?


Talk 3 – Bible Alone

What Scripture alone means and doesn’t mean?