How The Bible Hangs Together

Bible_Hangs_Together_V1.2We have a mini (3 week) series at The Lakes on How The Bible Hangs Together. There are 66 books in the Bible and we know all of them together are good news for us. Often parts of the Old Testament section of the Bible can feel a little baffling. Especially when Jesus himself says that all of the Old Testament reveals him and is about him (Luke 24:44). The New Testament writers continually explain the great life achievements of Jesus’ death and resurrection by looking at the Old Testament, they’ll essentially say “it is like Isaiah said”, or “how the Israelites experienced”, or “doesn’t this Psalm capture it”. In this series we are taking seriously the words Paul gave to Timothy that all scripture is able to make us wise for salvation in Jesus Christ through faith and able to train us in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:15-16). To see that with clarity we are looking at How The Bible Hangs Together.


Talk 1 – It is one big story with a big theme.

The reason we often find the Bible unclear, obscure, and a little baffling is mostly because we take a wrong approach to reading it. By being sensitive to the way God has delivered his word to us gives us an easier grip on the Bible’s storyline and what it is communicating to us. Approaching the Bible this way makes us wise to salvation in Jesus Christ through faith and also trains us in righteousness.


Talk 2 – The logic of faith structures the entire Bible.

How do we take seriously 2 Tim. 3:16 that all Scripture is useful for us today, when so much of it is chunks of law, commands, rules, and yet we are meant to live by faith in Jesus alone? Amazingly even in the Old Testament we find it is still the logic of righteousness by faith alone.


Talk 3 – The end from the very beginning.

We feel this tension and anxiety in our lives, the big grand picture the Bible paints of the kingdom seems to be a far cry from our present reality. God’s Word is a gift to us so that we can have confidence about the future right now in our present experience. In fact, the whole Bible is giving us the end from the very beginning so we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.