First Timothy: Our Household

Timothy_Series_TeaserYou’ve seen them, stickers on the back of vehicles whereby people proclaim this is ‘my family’. There are a whole variety of stickers which people put together which in some way communicate what defines their family.

What defines God’s family, God’s household is the gosepl. Paul has written a letter to Timothy to make sure that the local church keeps the gospel as the centre of what defines them. It is easy and at time tempting to shift from this centre, but Paul stresses in this letter that God’s household is built on, characterised by, and preserved through the gospel alone. When we each understand that deeply and centre our lives on it, we each have the power to live out our lives to the full: taking up the unique roles God has given us.

This series will help us at The Lakes to keep the gospel at the centre of all we do; it will remind us to fight for that centre in order to pass the gospel on to the next generation.


*** Due to technical breakdown with the recording our apologies for not being able to offer the first two talks of this series online.


Talk 3 – The unique things only God can do? [1 Timothy 2.1-7]

Part of understanding specific roles within the household is understanding that there are some unique things that only God can do, and this is the foundation we must rely on.


Talk 4 – Equal but different. [1 Timothy 2.8-10]

We live in a society that is confused about gender.  What is a man?  What is a woman?  How can we speak with confidence about these things without appearing to be a male chauvinist or a raving feminist? Thankfully God our creator has spoken his word.  This talk wrestles with these issues as they arise in 1 Timothy 2.


Talk 5 – Teaching roles within the gathered church. [1 Timothy 2.11-15]

Every Sunday we gather to hear God speak to us.  That is what church is all about.  But often God’s word can be hard to hear, especially when it is so different to the attitudes of our culture or the desires of our hearts. The passage we come to in this series is one of those challenging passages. On first reading it seems unfair and strange, yet looking closely we see it is all about living out the good life God has planned for us.


*** Further technical difficulties prevent us from offering Talk 6 online ***


Talk 7 – How to find the ‘right’ church? [1 Timothy 4.1-16]

There are many things we look for when it comes to finding the right church. Do I get on with the people there? Do I feel comfortable there? Does the church look nice? Is the music to my liking? These are all helpful things to evaluate but how necessary are they? Today we consider what Paul considers a good church will look like.


Talk 8 – Criticl Help, Vital to Gospel Proclamation! [1 Timothy 5.1-16]

Critical Help, Vital to Gospel Proclamation!

Paul spends time giving detailed instructions to Timothy on how to treat needy widows. Why is this such a vital part of a faithful Gospel proclaiming church and what happens when this goes wrong?


Talk 9 – Respect: who to give it to, take it from? [1 Timothy 5.17-25]

The concept of respect feels a little twisted in Australia. There are people who should have respect, but it is never given. There are people who are not worthy of respect yet are venerated. (Think of respect thrown at celebrities and how little respect we might give our Prime Minister). How do we in God’s family view respect? When do we give it, when should we remove it?


Talk 10 – That great 21st Century Idol? [1 Timothy 6.2-21]

Throughout this letter we have come across themes that are profoundly counter cultural: Paul’s teaching on gender, false teaching, honour. But today’s passage is probably the most counter-cultural of all. Why? Because it strikes at the heart of the great idol of the 21st century: our love of money.