Decisions Untangled

DecisionsUntangled_ImagePast Series Ethical Issues Tackled:

We live in a messy complex world, one where it can be hard at times to figure out right from wrong. Everybody has a say on what the ‘right’ looks like. Each person has a say on what decisions must be made in order to bring about a better future. Yet on closer inspection we see that we all come at it from differing angles. We each use different cues and starting points for determining ‘right’. As Christians we recognise that decisions can be complex and not all issues are easy. We know the Bible doesn’t always provide a bunch of references that speak directly to today’s current ethical knots (e.g., climate change, or stem cell research). However, we are not left entangled. God’s Word has much to say about God’s Character, the structure of his creation, the story the world is part of, and the future the world is heading towards. Looking at all these aspects together help us make steps in the right direction. When we observe Jesus we see that he brings all these elements into sharp focus. It is exciting to see that not only is Jesus never entangled by the mess, but he builds a community of people who can start to move forward – to untangle – an find real answers that make for a better future. With Jesus we can participate in the fullest experience of what it is to be human.


You’re welcome to join us at church each Sunday for this series as we look at: drugs & alchohol, what makes a family, global poverty, bio-ethics, politics, and other curly topics. You can also catch audio posted here.


Talk 1 – Family Untangled

What is a family these days? There’s many different shapes and forms: blended, multi-cultural, mixed, etc. How do we do family when often family is so messy and entangled?


Talk 2 – Friendships Untangled

We all have friendships. We all see the value and enjoyment that is gained through having friendships. But how do I know what makes a good friend. How to I become a good friend? Who can I be a friend to? How many friends should I have? How does my relationship with Jesus change the way I view friendships? Today we untangle the messiness of friendships as we consider God’s wisdom on the topic.


Talk 3 – Global Poverty Untangled

Global poverty is a terrible reality. Now more than ever we are exposed to the suffering many people endure. This awareness fosters some guilt: guilt that somehow we’re tied to the problem and we feel powerless to make any real difference. We might even ask does God really require that I must effectively become poor myself to remove another’s poverty—that seems an unrealistic standard. This talk looks at how the storyline of the Bible gives us a realistic grip on the problem (without becoming overly pessimistic) and the comprehensive solution (without being overly utopian now).