The Latest on the Ministry Centre?

Since we provided the last formal update, which was in August outlining the decision to proceed with the second level, there has been quite a lot going on behind the scenes, much of which involved the inclusion of the additional requirements to accommodate the additional level.

We received formal advice of the approval of our Section 96 application at the very end of October 2017.

There was need to update all the documentation to include the 2nd level and this happened during the month of November. We were provided with the updated documentation at the beginning of December for comment. We need to have this sent back for extensive feedback and this occurred in mid-January 2018. Our focus has been ensuring our documentation is as co-ordinated as possible so we are de-risking our tender process as much as possible.

The various Consultants were tasked with providing updated documentation back to the Architect by 23 February which has largely occurred.

At present we have started some preliminary work sounding out possible builders, which has been well received, and thinking about how we dimension the non-construction costs of the building, e.g., what will the various ministries need to operate in the building.

The impact of all of this is that we have had to revise our targets and push them out by around 3 months on the basis we do not suffer any further unforeseen delays in our processes. This means we are now targeting Easter 2019.