Leviticus (Holy)

LeviticusSeries_TeaserIntroduction to Leviticus Series

Let’s be upfront, the Book of Leviticus has ruined many an attempt to read through the Bible cover to cover. This is because it speaks in language and categories that seem light-years away from where we are at today – the big question is why read this book today?

The answer is that Leviticus is the word of God and a word which he delivered before sending his Son, Jesus Christ. Without this book we would not understand the full significance of why Jesus Christ was sent into this world as an atoning sacrifice. The tragedy for Christians is that we often avoid this book because it is hard reading (and it is), yet we miss out on understanding, appreciating, and worshipping God for all depths of his grace.

Join us each week for our series on the Book of Leviticus – every line is full of grace and how hope is that a book which on the surface can seem old and dreary will be turned around for you and give you a window into the heart of God.

This series occurred at The Lakes between Oct-Dec 2013.