Senior_Pic_01We have a special goal to reach seniors in the community and to ensure that those seniors who attend The Lakes are connected with a Growth Group (Bible study group). We also encourage seniors to value their age and experience and use it in ministry within other age groups and other activities at The Lakes.

The Lakes runs Growth Groups (Bible study groups) for people within this profile.

We have a larger group called ‘Tuesdays at Ten’, which meets weekly at Ruby hall next to Berkeley Vale High School. Plus we have small home based groups.

Each term the seniors organise an event as a Lakes group where they can enjoy friendship together and engage other friends outside the church.

On the third Friday each month we hold a service in Glengara retirement village. To find out more click here.

Many seniors are active in ministering at The Lakes, so you’re welcome to contact us further to join in. Use the email button.