Building Project Update

The Lakes’ have purchased land¬† at 6 Pioneer Ave, Tuggerah Business Park.

Follow this blog for the latest discussion and progress on The Lake’s future building.



UPDATE: The Lakes Ministry Centre

There is a Ministry Centre Information Session in each Growth Group during the week. If you missed the session or if you are not in a Growth Group, there is also a catch up session immediately after each church service this Sunday in one of the classrooms at Berkeley Vale High School.

Demountable on the Block

Over the weekend and continuing today a team from The Lakes have been working hard to move the demountable building from Belmont to the block of land at Tuggerah Business Park. The demountable is in eight sections, took eight massive trucks, and a large crane to put it into position. Here’s a 3-minute video of…

Building Project Update: Demountable Purchase

There is great news with our Building Project. The Lakes have purchased a demountable which is in great condition to become the new office and meeting rooms on the actual block. There is a big job ahead with moving the demountable from its current location in Belmont to Tuggerah. Many thanks to all those who…