Beneath The Surface


Our next three week series explores several New Testament commands. The commands are just the tip of the iceberg given the great truths that lie beneath the surface. The commands make explicit what is already a given. If the commands weren’t there, what truths exist that would compel us to still go and do what the commands entail?




Talk 5 – Beneath The Surface – Prayer (part 2)

Why pray if God will fulfill His purposes anyway?


Talk 4 – Beneath The Surface – Prayer (part 1)

God calls us to ask things of Him. Why then do we not pray?


Talk 3 – Beneath The Surface – Serving

God commands us to serve one another humbly in love. The model to do this is Jesus. How well do we know Jesus? How can we make a difference in people’s lives? How do we carve out time to serve others?


Talk 2 – Beneath The Surface – Connecting

God commands His people to gather regularly. But God wants us to gather not merely out of duty, but He wants us to gather eagerly, expectantly. Today we hear some wonderful truths from God that ought to stir our hearts to delight in meeting together as His people.


Talk 1 – Beneath The Surface – Engaging

There are certain commands in the New Testament.