Behold Our God

Behold_Our_God_FACEBOOK_BANNERThis three week series is taking time to notice who God says He is. Our awe and wonder will increase as behold our God; and in turn we will be inspired to worship the Lord.



Most recent series – Matthew – A Light In The Darkness


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Talk 3 – Behold Our God – God is Good

Psalm 145 says that God is good! Have we noticed this lately? Have we experienced God in his goodness? This psalm shows God is good to all and especially to those who draw near to him.

Sermon from morning church
Sermon from evening church


Talk 2 – Behold Our God – God is Holy

God describes Himself as Holy. What does that mean? How does that explain who God is in and of Himself. Understanding God’s holiness is important for it has life and death implications.


Talk 1 – Behold Our God – How do we know God?

We live in a world that is incurably religious. The vast majority of people throughout the world believe in God. But who is God? How can we know Him? Each week we are going to take one of the psalms and examine what we learn about God and how it ought to lead us to worship Him.