Acts – To The Ends of The Earth!

Jesus’ death and resurrection kicks starts the beginning of God delivering His promise: to provide salvation for all people through repenting and believing in Jesus.

This is an unstoppable program God has to save people, and despite opposition, we will see God is calling people from every nation to Himself.



Talk 4 – Acts 7

What vision of Jesus coming back do you hold?


Talk 3 – Acts 5-6

The flame of the gospel to the ends of the earth calls on us to not be distracted. Today we explore the threats to the gospel.


Talk 2 – Acts 2

With Jesus being raised to the right hand of the Father and pouring out the Holy Spirit, there are astonishing consequences that follow.


Talk 1 – Acts 1

From the beginning of the Book of Acts, we see the remarkable events of how a tiny group of ordinary Jewish disciples are used by God to spread the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth.