God…We’ve Got Some Questions About The Future

SummerSeries2013_frontpage_SmallOur Questions For God series is back!

Lots of people today are fascinated with the future. Our concern for the future often drives what we do in the present. We worry and plan for our immediate future, we often worry and plan for our post-mortem future too.

We invite you to listen in on our series we’re we pose some of our questions about the future to God and see what the answers he provides in his word.

This series occurred at The Lakes between Dec 2013 – Jan 2014.


Talk 1 – How can I know there is life after death?

Our series begins with guest speak Carl Matthei, Chaplin to The University of NSW, looking at 1 Corinthians 15:1-19


Talk 2 – Are there any second chances after death?

Many people think that something happens after death that will allow them a second chance with God. Is God a a god of second chances? Jesus often told short stories, using powerful images and pictures to get people thinking about about the future. This talk looks at one of those stories Jesus told his disciples (Matthew 25:1-13) which also gets us thinking about our future.


Talk 3 – How can I survive the future judgment?

We like the rest of our culture do not like talking about ‘judgment’. Yet there is a place where the notion of judgment still comes up. Consider all the reality TV shows that have a final moment of judgment. Contestants either meet the standard or they are judged and dropped from the show. The Bible has bad news, which is a judgment day is coming. However, the Bible also contains good news – it is possible to gain immunity from the judgment day. This talk shows us how we can escape judgment in the future.


Talk 4 – What happens when I die?

So much of the focus of the Bible is about the return of Jesus, the final day of resurrection and judgement and the two outcomes of that judgement. But what happens in the meantime? What happens to us when we die? What happens to our loved ones?


Talk 5 – The Future of our nation?

On Australia Day the future of our nation comes back onto the radar. Many people look backwards and feel that Australia has become god-forsaken. Yet with a fair review of history we see so much of what God has done here. This talk looks back with thanksgiving but also sees a hope for the future to come.